Transparent and Trustworthy Chains-of-Custody


Validicity is a data-agnostic, platform-agnostic, blockchain-based SaaS solution bringing complete transparency and security to chains-of-custody.

“Proud Global Partner of IBM”

We were born out of a need to ensure secure and fair anti-doping testing for professional athletes all over the world. We have grown to be the most transparent, secure solution for chains of custody in healthcare, logistics, drug testing, and sports.

Our SaaS platform remains the most adaptable solution to bring blockchain-based security and transparency to your industry’s unique needs. Whether your chain-of-custody includes sample collection, data collection, or product scanning, Validicity is your safeguard. We are deeply committed to protecting the end user – Validicity protects sample or data movement from its first collection, through the chain-of-custody, and back to the user.

Join us in the race towards secured logistics and clean testing.

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